Cooking for the dog at home is possible and, in addition to being a way to control the ingredients of your diet, you can save money. The preparation of the dishes does not have to be laborious or too long. Chicken with rice (14 minutes), mashed vegetables (15 minutes), tuna snacks (12 minutes or less), scrambled eggs with some extra ingredient (9 minutes) or some macaroni (13 minutes). There are five fast and healthy recipes to feed the can in a nutritious and economical way. However, as explained in this article, they should not replace commercial diets if they are not supervised by a veterinarian or canine nutritionist. In addition, below are also listed ten essential cooking tips for the dog at home.

Home-cooked dog food

Eating fast does not always mean eating poorly. This premise when it comes to diet is not only valid for people, but also for dogs. “The home diet, if balanced, can serve to feed a can in the same way that commercial food does," In that proportion is precisely the key to preparing a nutritious and economic recipe for the dog at home.

Not only can you cook for the dog: there are also rich homemade cat food recipes. In any case, when homemade recipes are not used as a supplement (or sporadic premium), but as a habitual diet of the animal, it is essential that they have the supervision and approval of the veterinarian or canine nutritionist. In these cases, a specialist should design the dog"s homemade diet. It is common for this to prescribe nutritional supplements, vitamins, and minerals, to accompany the dishes prepared for the can.

To use the calculator is not enough either. That is, it is not valid to use a diet designed for a particular dog and multiply (or divide) depending on the kilos of another animal. The reason is that “each dog has specific nutritional needs, which not only have to do with its size," explains the veterinarian.

Balanced home-cooked food, supervised by the veterinarian, can replace the commercial one and allows you to choose your ingredients

On the other hand, dog food cooked at home have other advantages relevant to the commercial: you can choose the quality and quantity of the ingredients that are added to the recipes. In addition, “they usually contain lower concentrations of proteins and salts and, therefore, closer to the real requirements of the animal," says Donald R. Strombeck in the book ‘Homemade diets for dogs and cats. The Healthy Alternative ‘ (Blackwell Publishing, 1999), considered one of the home-bred animal nutrition bibles.

The guideline for cooking dishes for dogs is to avoid sugar and forbidden foods for the dog such as chocolate, onion, grapes, raisins, avocado. From these premises, preparing quick dishes for the animal at home is not complicated. We must remember, however, that these dishes have to be sporadic. The dog has to receive them as a reward and, if it is intended to include them in the usual diet, you must have the approval of the veterinarian.