For those who are into nail art, nails have always been a canvas that they can iron out, color and paint with a broad range of designs. Many times women make sure that the color and shape of their nails match their dress. Continue reading to learn more about the basic design and shape of fingernails

Nails classification by size and shape

  • Square: This shape is good for those who have short nails. It is considered more fashionable in recent years; it is versatile and quite universal. It is easy to maintain while it is short but will relatively harder if the nail became long. However, for shorter nails, this shape will rarely break.
  • Oval: This shape is suitable for those who have longer and slimmer nails. Fingernail will have a u-shape by filing down the side. However, you must be careful so that your fingernail will not become too spiky. It became fashionable in the 50s, replacing the pointy nail.
  • Round: You don"t have to spend much effort to achieve this shape since it is the natural shape of nails. To get this shape, just let your nails grow past the nail bed. You can file it to make it a little bit more round and smoother. Be careful when trying to smooth it out to avoid breakages. Its shape gives it strength and endurance. Its shape is convenient and perfect for everyday activities. It"s practicality coupled with a timeless design with bright colors made this shape one of the best ones. A quick visit to the nail bar in your area can your
  • Bell: This shape can only be virtually seen on nail catalog because of its impracticality. This shape by its form is difficult to handle and keep them in good condition.
  • In peak: This shape has a cool looking design. It resembles the oval shape but only longer and is more pointy but not as pointy as a stiletto. Only the tip is completely filed down in V. This form may look good but is not a practical design. Everyday activities can be a bit uncomfortable in most cases. If you can bear the difficulty involved in having this type of nail, then this shape is great to stylize your fingers and make them appear longer. This form of nails has many followers in Asia, as this shape is being considered sophisticated and sensual.

Classification of nails  according to their strength

  • Brittle: Having brittle nails may be due to several factors, from having been using gel nails that may have weakened your nail, to having dry nails, or even a  thyroid disease can weaken nails. In the case of nail biting, they have lost their strength while they are growing
  • Durable: It is true that many products help strengthen nails and prevent them from breaking easily. However, the real secret is to maintain a good diet rich in vitamins.

Nail protection and proper nail care

It is essential to know the secrets of a good manicure, to make your nails beautiful, elegant, and healthy.

Sometimes being overzealous in your care can lead to mistakes that end up damaging your nail and causing skin problems. Be careful with some aggressive manicure techniques that can be harsh to the health of your hands. That is why you have to visit professional nail salons nearby to make sure that your nails are taken care of properly.

The enamel polish will not damage your nails if it is a good quality. However, if you use it regularly, it can ultimately affect the color of your nails, turning them yellow. Continued use of nail polish remover will also dry your nails. If you let them rest for a few weeks without nail polish or other cosmetics, they will regain their health and their natural pink hue. To keep them always healthy leave them without nail polish every two weeks.

If you want to polish the surface of your nails, smooth it out, but be careful not to overdo it. You could make your nails more fragile by removing the top layer. Never use a file and always a nail polisher and do it very gently as well.

A damaged cuticles or cut can leave unprotected nail and be the gateway to various infections and fungi. Those who suffer from psoriasis on the hands can aggravate their condition if they have a very aggressive manicure. If you go to nail salons, it is important to check if their instruments are sterilized, as they could cause infection.

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