Different Nail Shape And Proper Nail Care


For those who are into nail art, nails have always been a canvas that they can iron out, color and paint with a broad range of designs. Many times women make sure that the color and shape of their nails match their dress. Continue reading to learn more about the basic design and shape of fingernails

Nails classification by size and shape

  • Square: This shape is good for those who have short nails. It is considered more fashionable in recent years; it is versatile and quite universal. It is easy to maintain while it is short but will relatively harder if the nail became long. However, for shorter nails, this shape will rarely break.
  • Oval: This shape is suitable for those who have longer and slimmer nails. Fingernail will have a u-shape by filing down the side. However, you must be careful so that your fingernail will not become too spiky. It became fashionable in the 50s, replacing the pointy nail.
  • Round: You don"t have to spend much effort to achieve this shape since it is the natural shape of nails. To get this shape, just let your nails grow past the nail bed. You can file it to make it a little bit more round and smoother. Be careful when trying to smooth it out to avoid breakages. Its shape gives it strength and endurance. Its shape is convenient and perfect for everyday activities. It"s practicality coupled with a timeless design with bright colors made this shape one of the best ones. A quick visit to the nail bar in your area can your
  • Bell: This shape can only be virtually seen on nail catalog because of its impracticality. This shape by its form is difficult to handle and keep them in good condition.
  • In peak: This shape has a cool looking design. It resembles the oval shape but only longer and is more pointy but not as pointy as a stiletto. Only the tip is completely filed down in V. This form may look good but is not a practical design. Everyday activities can be a bit uncomfortable in most cases. If you can bear the difficulty involved in having this type of nail, then this shape is great to stylize your fingers and make them appear longer. This form of nails has many followers in Asia, as this shape is being considered sophisticated and sensual.

Classification of nails  according to their strength

  • Brittle: Having brittle nails may be due to several factors, from having been using gel nails that may have weakened your nail, to having dry nails, or even a  thyroid disease can weaken nails. In the case of nail biting, they have lost their strength while they are growing
  • Durable: It is true that many products help strengthen nails and prevent them from breaking easily. However, the real secret is to maintain a good diet rich in vitamins.

Nail protection and proper nail care

It is essential to know the secrets of a good manicure, to make your nails beautiful, elegant, and healthy.

Sometimes being overzealous in your care can lead to mistakes that end up damaging your nail and causing skin problems. Be careful with some aggressive manicure techniques that can be harsh to the health of your hands. That is why you have to visit professional nail salons nearby to make sure that your nails are taken care of properly.

The enamel polish will not damage your nails if it is a good quality. However, if you use it regularly, it can ultimately affect the color of your nails, turning them yellow. Continued use of nail polish remover will also dry your nails. If you let them rest for a few weeks without nail polish or other cosmetics, they will regain their health and their natural pink hue. To keep them always healthy leave them without nail polish every two weeks.

If you want to polish the surface of your nails, smooth it out, but be careful not to overdo it. You could make your nails more fragile by removing the top layer. Never use a file and always a nail polisher and do it very gently as well.

A damaged cuticles or cut can leave unprotected nail and be the gateway to various infections and fungi. Those who suffer from psoriasis on the hands can aggravate their condition if they have a very aggressive manicure. If you go to nail salons, it is important to check if their instruments are sterilized, as they could cause infection.

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Tips For A Healthy Living In Jacksonville


Lead an active life and sport practice

A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. At least it is advisable: Walking half an hour a day. Regularly perform aerobic exercises which allow retaining proper cell oxygenation, reducing stress and preventing cardiovascular disease and thus helping to maintain proper weight and stimulate bone synthesis. It is essential to do stretching exercises to maintain good flexibility. During your chiropractic treatment, your doctor will advise you when deemed appropriate, the type of exercise you can practice. In connection with this, make sure to have the most trusted chiropractor Orange Park, FL.

Looking for the best chiropractors in the city is a must to meet your goals. There are various of directories you can use to find them. Using the keywords best chiropractor near me leads you to easy access to valid results. Call each chiropractor on the results list and select the best!

Healthy Diet

The most important thing is not to be obsessed / constantly with the weight, stress makes us gain pounds! We must follow a balanced and varied diet, drink lots of water and exercise. It is essential to reduce saturated fats like those found in red meat, sausage, pre-cooked dishes and fried. Beware on the oil you use, it must be olive oil because it is healthier but contains many calories so we should take a maximum of just three tablespoons distributed among all meals. We usually consume two or three times this amount.

Limit your consumption to all foods and beverages that are high in calories, sugar, salt, fat and of course, alcohol. Increase the number of fruits and vegetables, which would mean 1/3 of calories in our daily diet. Eat legumes, seeds, fish, whether cooked baked, steamed or grilled at least twice a week. Eat foods that contain high levels of fiber.

Check the consumption of unnecessary drugs

Check your medication with your doctor. Often the same is prescribed for many years as a habit, repeating prescriptions without again be judged according to their needs at that time. Always seek advice from your doctor before taking any medication or self-medicate.

Take care of your mental health and emotional balance

Take care of your mental and emotional health is also the secret to enjoying a healthier life. Have a positive attitude within the limits of reason. It is not easy to be positive to a dangerous situation, but it is better to opt for an attitude that will bring us solutions that otherwise keep putting sadder or see everything black. The mind is mighty. We tend to use a predefined schema and get carried away by our mind.

Emotional intelligence knows how to understand and control our emotions. That means that one has to know how you feel and recognize their status. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a psychologist, a coach or a psychoanalyst. In a modern society in which we live people think it is not good to ask for help, but it is the most natural way to get it. Having a stable social and family life also contributes to having good emotions.

Keep your mind active and creative. Do not limit yourself to a routine life. During our childhood we do, but when we reach adulthood, we lose these powers. Creativity, imagination, illusions, and dreams develop connections in our brains and keep our open mind. Help others and share. We are human beings by relating to each other, and we must learn to live with others.

Have medical checkups and chiropractors

Similarly, we do medical check-ups regularly to evaluate our overall health is also highly recommended to check your spine as it has a close connection with the nervous system and the whole organism. The spine should be kept from an early age. Do not wait for pain or any symptoms appear to arrange a visit of prevention.

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The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


When we think of the benefits of laser hair removal, we usually come to a head the comfort of not having to shave ever again. But is that the only benefit you can get from a laser treatment? We may be overlooking other aspects that are also important.

What are the advantages of Laser Hair Removal?


The convenience of forgetting hair removal is a positive benefit. Currently, there is no method that eliminates 100% hair growth. For now. Treatments are only for permanent hair reduction. However, the laser technique manages to finish, in most cases, with 95% of the initial hair permanently.

What is the process of hair removal?

Actually, the explanation of mechanics is simple. The melanin of the hair attracts the laser light leading to the root where the hair follicle is responsible for hair growth. Once it reaches the follicle, it destroys it by preventing the hair from growing again.

It is safe and fast

The laser technology does not involve any risk if you follow the instructions of the technical staff, and can be performed on any part of the body and skin type.

There are two effective types of laser technology; Alexandrite and Diode. The first is used for transparent skins and the Diode for any skin type, even very tanned. When will I notice the results?

In the first session usually, the results are already seen. Although it is important to emphasize that the final hair removal process is progressive. It depends on the growth phase in which the follicle is found when the treatment is performed.

The hair cycle consists of different phases; Anagen, catagen, and telogen. The phase of the hair cycle in which the laser hair removal is effective is the anagen. If the hair is not in that phase, you will need more sessions to end it permanently.

Helps combat skin conditions

Laser hair removal is recommended by dermatologists to combat folliculitis and hirsutism. The Folliculitis is a condition that is caused, in many cases, by traditional methods depilation. The hair becomes exquisite and generates boils that can become infected. Removing hair definitely with laser hair removal also eliminates the possibility of suffering folliculitis.

Hirsutism is the medical term used to describe excess hair. A smooth laser hair reduction is the solution for people who, due to hormonal or other causes, have excessive hair.

Freedom and hygiene in sport

Sport is one of the main reasons men shave. Thanks to the epilation, the execution of the exercise is performed with greater comfort since the absence of hair produces a sensation of lightness and freedom that facilitates the practice of any sport.

Also, a hair-free skin provides greater hygiene. Sweat is odorless; The smell is derived from bacteria that break down because of moisture. A skin without hair, it dries before and in this way we avoid the decomposition that generates bad smell.

On the other hand, depilated skin facilitates the healing of wounds. Hair contains bacteria that can cause infection. Removing the hair, we will help the true healing of the wounds avoiding complications during the process.


Being able to permanently finish with the hair of those areas that accomplish us is an undoubted benefit. The removal of these areas will help you feel safer with your physique. The back, shoulders, chest, ears … in any area can be laser treatments, and forget the complexes.

It is universal

A laser hair removal treatment can be performed on any type of skin or hair except for the gray hair. White hair is characterized by a lack of melanin, so the laser is not attracted to the follicle and treatment is not effective.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the definitive method of hair removal. Join the laser and say goodbye to the hair.

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Is Home-Cooked Pet Food Recommended?


Cooking for the dog at home is possible and, in addition to being a way to control the ingredients of your diet, you can save money. The preparation of the dishes does not have to be laborious or too long. Chicken with rice (14 minutes), mashed vegetables (15 minutes), tuna snacks (12 minutes or less), scrambled eggs with some extra ingredient (9 minutes) or some macaroni (13 minutes). There are five fast and healthy recipes to feed the can in a nutritious and economical way. However, as explained in this article, they should not replace commercial diets if they are not supervised by a veterinarian or canine nutritionist. In addition, below are also listed ten essential cooking tips for the dog at home.

Home-cooked dog food

Eating fast does not always mean eating poorly. This premise when it comes to diet is not only valid for people, but also for dogs. “The home diet, if balanced, can serve to feed a can in the same way that commercial food does," In that proportion is precisely the key to preparing a nutritious and economic recipe for the dog at home.

Not only can you cook for the dog: there are also rich homemade cat food recipes. In any case, when homemade recipes are not used as a supplement (or sporadic premium), but as a habitual diet of the animal, it is essential that they have the supervision and approval of the veterinarian or canine nutritionist. In these cases, a specialist should design the dog"s homemade diet. It is common for this to prescribe nutritional supplements, vitamins, and minerals, to accompany the dishes prepared for the can.

To use the calculator is not enough either. That is, it is not valid to use a diet designed for a particular dog and multiply (or divide) depending on the kilos of another animal. The reason is that “each dog has specific nutritional needs, which not only have to do with its size," explains the veterinarian.

Balanced home-cooked food, supervised by the veterinarian, can replace the commercial one and allows you to choose your ingredients

On the other hand, dog food cooked at home have other advantages relevant to the commercial: you can choose the quality and quantity of the ingredients that are added to the recipes. In addition, “they usually contain lower concentrations of proteins and salts and, therefore, closer to the real requirements of the animal," says Donald R. Strombeck in the book ‘Homemade diets for dogs and cats. The Healthy Alternative ‘ (Blackwell Publishing, 1999), considered one of the home-bred animal nutrition bibles.

The guideline for cooking dishes for dogs is to avoid sugar and forbidden foods for the dog such as chocolate, onion, grapes, raisins, avocado. From these premises, preparing quick dishes for the animal at home is not complicated. We must remember, however, that these dishes have to be sporadic. The dog has to receive them as a reward and, if it is intended to include them in the usual diet, you must have the approval of the veterinarian.

Medical Spa And Treatments It Offers

A medical spa, as its name implies, is an excellent method to join medical beauty procedures with traditional spa treatments as a means to attain an outcome which you will be completely pleased with. When you go to a health spa to talk about your alternatives for reducing the look of cellulite in difficulty areas, you will probably be given several choices. In Jacksonville, medical spas supply medical – level procedures and treatments for a range of purposes.

There is some medical spa that provides additional body treatments such as massage, pedicure, and manicure. So it is a combination of medical spa and nail salon. A nail salon In Jacksonville, FL is easy to find because you can look for many options when you go to the city.  

A body therapy or cosmetic therapy is a non-medical procedure to help the wellness of the body. You may also receive laser depilatory treatments and vein, scar and stretch mark treatment. Do not fail to ask the doctor professionals who perform your laser treatment whether you will require any additional treatment, and how best to look after your skin to halt another flare up later on.

On the other hand, in case you believe Jacuzzi, you"re nearly perfect. It"s frequently difficult that individuals choose which spas offer better services. Medical spas will assess together with you to gather a customized package that fulfills your requirements, both medically and holistically. Most health spas supply a huge array of nail lacquers to fit your liking. It"s crucial to realize that not all medical spas are the precise same. You"ll have to locate a medical spa which will do the laser therapy as a portion of an approved treatment procedure.

There are several services out there in a medical spa. For more information about how this number of health spa services can assist you, you can directly visit the spa’s websites.

Other individuals come to get treatment for certain ailments including cellulite, varicose veins, etc. If you"re on the watch for surgical and health care treatments to lead to a change in your face or body, then medical health spas are the correct place for such high-grade treatments.

With transgender customers in a medical spa, they are not any different than any individual seeking hair restoration surgery. The physician employs a cannula, a miniature tube to be able to place the filler in the buttocks.

To conclude, make sure to go to a medical and nail salon In Jacksonville, FL that can enhance your general appearance, restore your energy to revive your whole body.

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Debunking Pork Myth: Pork Is An Unhealthy Meat

Pork is one of the most consumed in the world but traditionally it has had a bad reputation due to false popular beliefs. It is now known that it can also be a healthy meat for the whole family, with low-fat parts, high protein, and mineral content, and is one of the most digestive and versatile in the kitchen. Do you know all the properties of pork?

For a long time, it has been thought that the pork is an unhealthy meat, a myth based on the mistake of believing that it has a lot of fat. The truth is that most of these fats are healthy fatty acids, offering very thin cuts similar to those of chicken or turkey, with visible fat that can be easily removed. The key is to know which parts of the pig to choose, such as tenderloin or sirloin, and to cook them in a healthy way within a balanced diet.

Denying false myth

The main myth that has discredited the consumption of pork derives from the popular legend that it is a meat with a lot of fat, something totally wrong. Although traditionally considered red meat, the European Union has recently called it white meat. It is a lean meat with a fat content much lower than other meats such as beef or lamb. Pork only contains 2.65 g of total fat per 100 g, with 1.1 g of monounsaturated fatty acids and 0.65 g of polyunsaturated fatty acids, ie good fats.

As we have pointed out, pork is a white meat that resembles the properties of chicken meat. It is composed of white fibers, which makes it more tender when chewing and more digestive, and its low-fat content differs from red meats such as beef and sheep. In addition, about 70% of pork fat is subcutaneous, so it can be removed easily and thus enjoy virtually fat-free cuts of meat, such as loin. In this regard, researchers at the University of Buenos Aires came to the conclusion after several studies that pork is a healthy alternative in the diet, always choosing the leaner parts.

All these qualities make pork a highly recommended food for any type of balanced diet. Due to its low cholesterol content, the spine being only 58 mg versus 71.9 mg of chicken or 76 mg of the lamb blade, is a meat suitable for preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases and keeping triglyceride levels low.

In addition to being a naturally lean meat, pork is very rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is an excellent source of high-quality proteins, with 40% essential amino acids essential to form, maintain and repair our body tissues, muscles, and bones, something fundamental if you practice sports regularly.

Also notable for its mineral content, especially iron, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium, highly recommended to prevent anemia and the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth. As for vitamins, pork excels in water – soluble B vitamins. Concretely it is necessary to indicate the high content of B1 since it is the meat with more amount of this vitamin, and also of B12, B6, niacin, and riboflavin. All of them are fundamental for a good functioning of the nervous and immune system.